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    Who We Are

    Cruddas Innovations Ltd is a small family company,started up by husband and wife team Lorna and Len Cruddas. They both found it difficult to put their feet up after retiring, so started the company to manufacture and market Len's many inventions. Their daughter, Elena and Son-in-law Mark have been responsible for the manufacturing of the Masquepen since its conception and the company was handed to them when Len took his "early retirement" at 80 !

    Elena and Mark

    We are delighted that Elena and Mark have agreed to carry on with Cruddas Innovations Ltd, and are both sure that they'll make a very good job of running the company. Mark has a strong sales background, and Elena has all-round clerical experience as well as good customer service skills. We have made many good friends from around the world who have enjoyed using the Masquepen, and know that our new company directors are anxious to get to know their customers also.

    Elena & Mark

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