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    Super Nib

    A short while ago we were approached by a professional designer and illustrator. He has been using the Masquepen for almost a year, and has had very good results with it. However, as his work is very detailed and fine, he asked if there was any possibility that we could produce a finer nib. Len went back to the drawing board – and the Supernib was born!

    The Supernib is an attachment to use with the Masquepen and with its 0.4mm stainless steel nib achieves superfine detail and even better control of the masking fluid. It is easily cleaned, (even on location) using the Cleaning Bottle supplied with the Supernib.

    Painting of dandelion seedhead by Lorna Cruddas




    Lorna painted this dandelion seedhead, using the Supernib. It was very easy to do, even for a very limited skilled artist, as Lorna readily admits herself. The background was painted wet-in-wet, and lightly sprinkled with sea salt.


    Available from all good art stores, hobby shops and also the Internet.

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