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    Is the Masquepen only used by water color artists? Back to newsletter

    Initially, we thought that the Masquepen would only be used for fine art. However, we now find that there are many applications in the hobby market. We have been very surprised by the many ways you hobbyists are using the Masquepen and Supernib. We’ve been trying to total these up and so far have got:-

    When I have time (LOL!!) I do enjoy the Wet Canvas website. This is a dedicated site where artists show their work, talk to each other, and help one another. I usually go to the Watercolor channel, and love the 'Daily Wash' - try it - I guarantee you'll also be hooked. The wonderful thing about the web is that it's so easy to make friends with people far away, people you can share your hopes and worries with - and yet know that you'll probably never meet. I correspond with Miggles in New Zealand, and Judy in Australia.The Outback by Judy

    Christmas 2004 Judy sent us a beautiful watercolour of the outback. It hangs in our sitting room, and in the cold winter I could almost feel the heat!

    Waterolour by Miggles

    Miggles sends me funny and sometimes inspirational e-mails. She sent me this picture of the 'Sexton's Home' She tells me that the Masquepen was a great help to her with this picture.

    Another of my favourite sites is Scrapbooking Magazine. This is a very interesting site, with lots of demonstrations for stampers. Viveca Eliscu has done some terrific designs using the Masquepen. Click on her name and you can see her article and the instructions for creating these designs yourself. Here are a couple of them.


    We are really very pleased about the way the Masquepen is being used by the craft market. We have seen some lovely work done by rubber stampers and card makers. An exciting new development is it's use with precious metals clay. We are hoping to have some examples of work done in this medium very shortly, and will post it on this web site.




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