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    • No more searching for applicators
    • No more ruined brushes
    • Precise application
    • Lightweight - easy to use - wherever you are
    • Draw thin lines or curves, rigging, stamens
    • As easy to use as a
      fountain pen - no waste

    The ORIGINAL UK Masquepen, a reservoir of our own cool blue masking fluid, with a 0.8mm nylon nib built-in applicator has been a great success, popular with artists and craftspeople for 10 years.

    How many times have you asked "Why isn't there a better way to apply masking fluid?"

    Well now there is. As a result of Lorna ruining Len's very expensive brush - and then moaning that it was too difficult to apply masking fluid accurately, Len invented the Masquepen. The Masquepen consists of a polythene reservoir containing 30ml of our pale blue masking fluid. The applicator has an 0.8mm nylon nib, making masking out of fine areas such as petals, masts, windows, rigging etc so much easier! Masking fluid has a shelf life of approximately 12 months. After this time your masquing fluid should be replaced.

    For even finer work an optional 0.4mm steel nib attachment for the Masquepen – the Super Nib is available.

    We are currently marketing the Masquepen products in the United Kingdom, as well as many other countries.

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